UPDATE 1 Apr: Woah, we're sold out of the Worm Studio! Orders placed now will be fulfilled in mid May...thank you for your patience and support :)

Our Mission


Hi! My name is Akil and I'm the founder of The Box Of Life and a climate warrior like many of you reading this. I feel anxious, frustrated, and saddened by the lack of action of our communities towards fighting climate change, so I decided to do something about it.

We provide a simple, convenient, and appealing home composting solution that allows everyone from homeowners and renters to dramatically reduce their waste and produce the world’s highest quality living soil without bugs or odour.

What started as an at-home vermi-composting experiment a few years ago has now turned into my full time profession that I'm really passionate about! I do this because I believe in the power of earthworms in reshaping our relationship with food waste and rekindling our love for nature.

I hope that your composting journey, whatever the reason might be, can bring about some positivity and joy in your life.