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Learn how to reduce waste and heal our planet by recycling food scraps at home

Easy & smell-free

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Problem: Our food system is linear

Solution: Composting closes the loop

So, what is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is a natural process where specialized composting earthworms eat organic waste and convert it into healthy, living soil, similar to what happens beneath the forest floor.

The Worm Studio is a great option for you to compost in the comfort of your home without the smells, pests or effort typically associated with outdoor composting systems.

Benefits of vermicomposting

Good for you

Devoting time and energy to your worm bin is quite therapeutic and will help you gain a greater appreciation for nature. It may also nudge you to eat healthier since your pet wormies need to be fed fruit and veggie scraps. Plus, it's honestly fun!

Great for your plants

Worm castings is the end result of the composting process and it contains essential nutrients, humic acid, growth hormones, and microbes that have basically created thriving forests. It's going to make your plants really, really happy.

Amazing for our planet

Food waste in landfill rots releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Not to mention the emissions from garbage trucks. It can all be avoided by the simple act of composting your waste at home.

It's like magic, really

This is what happens to your food scraps after every 2 weeks. In 4 weeks, all that "waste" is transformed by the wormies into beautiful, black gold for your plants.

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